Saturday, April 9, 2011

I think I get it...


Have you ever had a moment of clarity where lightning strikes and you feel like you are seeing your child for the first time for the wonderful person they truly are?  It happened to me yesterday.  Levi and I stood eye to eye, a quiet understanding passing unspoken between us.  My heart pulled tight with the love and pride that suddenly filled it to capacity.  I can't help but love this boy.  How could this amazing creature exist?  Surely not by my own weak heart and will but by the awesome power of God.

He looks back at me as he receives that love gaze awakened to the knowledge that he is loved without limit.  Admired.  Cherished.  Wholly celebrated.

It is an electric moment where time seems to slow and then quickly resumes its regular speed.

As the moment passes and the feelings linger, I realize that I have caught a glimpse of how my own heavenly Father must see me.  Does He sometimes get stopped in His tracks, amazed by His little girl and all that she is?  I think I get it.  While my mind is caught off guard and not ready to analyze or deconstruct this simple truth down to something meaningless, my heart begins to fill again.  This time awakened to the knowlege that I am loved without limit.  Admired. Cherished.  Wholly celebrated.

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