Friday, March 4, 2011

Bonjour, comment ca va?

This January our family: Rob, Jenn and-3-kids-in-tow flew to France for three weeks. It was a wonderful trip and truly a dream come true for me. It is still possible for dreams to come true as life's journey takes us into adulthood and parenting! Having Jack with us did not slow us down one bit! By the end he was bubbling away using his own babble-talk but we could be convinced that some of it sounded French! Levi was the one that grew the most in his French language skills! I was surprised that my "shy" 4 year old picked up that much. Now we are counting up to 20 and beyond, remembering colours and able to ask some basic questions

This is us standing in front of the city gates of Nevers.

We stayed three weeks with the family that hosted me when I was 16 years old doing a school year exchange. The family has grown with Elisabeth (far right) marrying Guillaume last year; France and Amandine are now married with children of their own as well. This was the family that first helped me understand God and His great love for me.
From this home base we visited Paris twice and spent 4 days in Germany reconnecting with old friends. With the whirl wind of getting back to school, Jack having laser surgery and Rob's work demands after a 3 week lull, it has been difficult to even put these pictures in order and tell some stories.
I have made a separate page for our France trip that you can visit to read about our adventures and see more photos as I get time to post them!

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