Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hey, What happened to my tea?

How many times have I said to myself: "never, never leave a glass of liquid unattended where Jack is toddling about". This definition is being broadened as he now stands on tiptoes to sweep across tables and what you believe to be out of reach places for your coffee--no longer. The toilet is also a favourite pass time. The number of times I have caught him peeking around the corner to see if I will catch him before sneaking into the bathroom. Or the mess I need to clean up after he gets away with it! Naturally, preceded by cries of horror and the repetitive hand washing that ensues.
IMG 1603
Can you see the tea dripping from his forhead and lips? I can't tell you how much he enjoys the sound of liquid hitting the floor. A few days ago it was a half a litre of milk from the pitcher he stretched for and grabbed off the table from standing up in his high chair. Another of his less than clean practices that sends me into motion with a frenzied clean up is when he then puts his face right down to the floor to slurp it up!
You can also see that Jack has one dilated pupil. He is currently recovering from his 6th eye surgery in his old age of two years. In my next post I will talk a little about our journey with doctors and a second diagnosis of Congenital Glaucoma at 4 months of age.
Until then, my monkey keeps me hopping. Never a dull moment. Who needs a tidy house? Tidy house, tidy mind? Now you can understand why I am a little loopy sometimes!

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