Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dear Jack,

I love you so much.  There were so many questions that I struggled with around your birth.  I was sad that there seemed to be so many things for you to over come.  I wasn't sure that I could deal with the injustice and stand by your side to clear the way forward for you.  How was I to present you to the world with this black cloud hanging over you?

IMG 5706

What a truly beautiful baby you were.  Sunny disposition, peaceful, cuddly.  You have always been a source of such joy.  Having you at home was a real blessing. No one want wanted to whisk you away to do tests.  Daddy and I got to hold you close and look at your tiny hands, feet, chubby cheeks, perfectly shaped head. The next morning we went into the hospital to see the paediatrician.  They drew blood to test for Trisomy 21 which told us for sure that you were indeed a special boy.  But we didn't need a test to tell us that.  You will always be amazing in our eyes. Later in the week came tests to see if your heart was working the way it should and everything looked fine.

You were loved by everyone from the soft, warm, fuzzy tip of your head to your wiggly, squiggly toes.

IMG 5761

IMG 5685IMG 5670IMG 5773

Jasmine didn't want to put you down.  Levi couldn't wait to play cars with you.  Daddy and I were so proud.  We thought we were home-free until we discovered you also had Glaucoma at four months old.   Then the real trials began.

Six surgeries and so many doctors visits.  You have shown me such courage and strength.   There is nothing that I would change about you.  You are perfectly Jack.  Perfectly funny, impish, curious.  You love to talk, sign and make people laugh with your quirky faces and funny jokes.  Now, you love to walk so much that you run everywhere.  Such joy you bring to our lives.  I don't understand what I was so afraid of, Jack.

IMG 6689

What are we afraid of?  Why is it a standard and acceptable option to end a pregnancy when we discover the baby might have Down Syndrome?  When I think of what I might have missed out on, Jack, my knees go weak.

If I could go back to those early days and give myself a taste of the love and happiness we have experienced having you in our family, Jack, maybe I wouldn't have been so afraid of what I didn't know.  I would clearly see the beauty your life was right before me.  You have been a blessing to me, Jack.  I am richer sharing this life with you.

IMG 1729

The real change needed to  take place in my own heart, my sweet boy.  And I am so glad that it did.  Thank you for being patient with me.  Now instead of worrying for the future, I look forward to what new things you will show me.  I am excited to see who you will grow up to be.  I am so privileged to be a part of your unfolding life story.



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