Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!  A fellow Mama to a babe with Down Syndrome asked us to submit a photo and answer the question:  What do you wish others could know about Down Syndrome.  Here is the link to all our answers!
This day has been great.  Beautiful weather.  Rob and the kids surprised me with hand made cards and a bracelet put together by the kids.  Waffles and fruit for breakfast with hot coffee...mmm.  I thought they were leading me outside to receive some flowers only to find a new coaster bike with a seat up front for Jack to ride!  Jack and I will be riding in style now!
IMG 1981
Of course we had to test ride it right away.  Don't you love the handle bars?  It makes me laugh every time I look at them.  So classic.
IMG 1984
IMG 1986

Have I told you lately how much I love this guy!  He keeps bringing the fun back into my life when I get too serious.
IMG 1989IMG 1991
We played on the new equipment at Tudhope Park.  The kids loved the "Tornado" and Jack was all about the slide.  He can really climb up himself.  He's just like the other Mansfields--a crazy climber.  I experienced what I have so many times before with Jasmine and Levi:  other mother's deep inhale of breath as Jack climbs the apparatus on his own.  I was there spotting of course!  I think people are surprised when I tell them he is two.  He looks a lot younger and they probably think I should be giving him more support or not allowing him to climb at all.  But what fun would that be? IMG 1993
IMG 2001
And of course sand is an all over body experience.
Hoping your Mother's Day is as sunny and full of love as mine has been and we are only half way through!


Join Us For Breakfast said...

Hi Jenn, I was just reading through a few of your posts. I'm glad you've come to the place where you can see the joy that is Jack and not just feel the fears for the future. God is so gracious! Thanks for sharing the link in this post too. I enjoyed a read through some of that blog tonight and yes, a few tears too.
Take care,

Sabrina said...

Thanks for posting this.

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