Thursday, May 5, 2011

Glaucoma Update

Still struggling to get pressures under control in Jack's right eye.  I have been discouraged lately and when this happens, I tend to pull inward and go silent.  It looks like we may be headed to another surgery as pressures in Jack's right eye go up despite everything we are doing.  He is on an oral dose of something called Diamox that he takes three times daily.  It is supposed to really help take the pressures down, but it also takes away his appetite and can slow his growth over the long term.  Our boy is small as it is and doesn't need anything to discourage his growth.  Even still, yesterday his eye looked hazy at the end of the day.  And every time I look in his sweet face I am reminded something is still wrong by that ever-dialated pupil.  It has gotten smaller but is still not reacting normally.  I am going to keep watching but I may have to call them to say we need to come down to see the doctor before the end of the month.


On a good note, Jasmine and Levi will be performing the Music Machine "reinvented" tonight with their school and tomorrow for Grandparents Day.  I will post some photos soon.  Looking forward to those sweet little voices sing of God's gentleness blowing through the trees.

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