Monday, July 11, 2011

Part time work?

Unfortunately my camera took a little tumble off of the dining room table the other day.  My regular lens is completely unreparable and I feel totally lost without a camera ready to go.  These photos were taken earlier this summer with the boys on our back swing set.  Levi is happy being the big brother.  Jack is in his favourite place.  He even knows the sign for it. IMG 2030IMG 2041IMG 2043

Speaking of signing...we just got our two Signing Time DVDs in the mail.  I have never seen Jack engaged like that with something he was watching.  He was so happy to see all the different children signing.  When he saw a baby he would sign "baby" and then they were teaching the sign for shoes and he signed right along.   The next day he was signing some of the words by himself.  It is amazing to see how quickly he is able to learn and start communicating more with us.  We are learning colours and food now.  Tomorrow we are joining a Signing Time instructor in Bracebridge to visit a farm and learn some more signs for animals.

I thought this summer would be a little more relaxing but I am quickly learning that I need to keep my eyes on Jack at all times, even if he is "safely" tucked away in our back yard.  He gets into the smallest places and into things you could never image.  One second he is in the sandbox, the next under the back deck or up to his waist in mud in the neighbours newly seeded back yard.  One day he got his head wedged between the two composters at the end of the garden.   The next incident involved him being stuck between our wooden fence that overlapped the neighbours chain-link fence.  Rob was trying to pull him out from the neighbours side but his knees were folded under the bottom fence board.  I finally managed to wiggle his legs sideways one at a time an lift him out.  Once we got him out we saw the blue ball he must have been trying to get, about three feet in from the fence edge.  I suppose there are some advantages to being a determined, petite two year old...just not for the parent-rescuers.

Jack basically runs me off my feet.  He is so busy and active and inquisitive that I am hard pressed to get the housework done some times!  I know, you all wish you could have this kind of excuse to fall back on!  But I am serious...I think it is time to bring in some help in the form of a teenager in need of a part time job!   I need an extra set of hands AND eyes!  Remember the last time I left him in his siblings watch, I ended up with a gallon of paint down the staircase.   I think I need someone more professional, someone older than say...6. IMG 2045

But you know when I look in this beautiful face, I am so thankful to be sharing my life with you, Jack.  You are wonderful and each day you amaze me.  We need people like Jack in our lives to inspire us.  Why are we so quick to reject babies with Down Syndrome?  Their light shines so brightly in this sometimes dark world.  I don't know one person who has encountered Jack that is untouched in a positive way by his warmth and affection.  I am so glad that I didn't miss out on you, Jack.

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