Thursday, July 28, 2011

Three birthdays

Three summer birthdays to remember.  First came Jenn's with good friends and wild karaoke birthday songs...IMG 2497

and some new pjs!  Rob worked all day and then came home set on and ready to make dinner.   To all you guys out there--the best thing a man could do for his girl is to make dinner and buy her comfy pjs.  At least if he is married to me, that is.  Then came our Jazzy-girl with thoughtful gifts from brothers and Mom.  IMG 2556IMG 2564

Something crafty, something to play with, a Bible of her own (now that she is reading) and ending with a special green canoe paddle and flowers from Daddy.

IMG 2554

The big party-bash is scheduled for this Sunday.  The plan has been in the works for a long time now.  Party bags are made.  Pinata in process but we shouldn't have tried to attach the body before the head dried!  IMG 2568

Our upside-down owl holding a branch is now in two pieces.  Don't worry, it will look like an owl by Sunday!

I am off to a photography course next week so I will miss celebrating Levi's birthday on the day of.  I feel strange about that.  I enjoy reminiscing about how their birthdays actually went.  Sometimes I wonder if their arrivals into the world reflect their personalities.  Levi was in a hurry to get here, crashing onto the scene in a mere four hours.  Whereas Jazzy was comfy inside, happy to curl up and stay in her warm mama cocoon until evening.  I laboured with Jack for a long time before he decided to come late into the night on day two.  Now fast forward to 7 and 5 and 2.5 years later:  Jazzy the careful, creative observer and still an incurable night owl.  Levi the crashing, funny scientist always experimenting with balance, ropes, pieces of wood just to see what happens.  Our Jack-in-the-box boy, now you see him now you don't mischief maker who takes a little more time to reach his milestones but how beautifully he does them when he is ready.  Because their birthdays are so close together and they wanted to invite the same people, we decided to go for a combined party this year.  Littlest Pet Shop mets Cars.   I am still trying to figure out the best way to pull off this mash-up theme.  A home-made Pet Shop in a get-away Car cake topper is definately in order.  But I always like to celebrate on the actual day.  I think it is important to feel special and loved on the day of your birthday.  We typically make their favourite meal and give family gifts with cake and singing and stories.  I want each of my children to know who they are, where they came from and how much they are loved and valued in our family. Chosen. Purposed.  Loved.  Celebrated.

Do you have any birthday traditions you do with your family each year?  Please share!  We love comments.

I am still in three is a beautiful number mode.  My camera is fixed and I am looking forward to the first time away on my own in 7 years!

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Happy Birthday to the 3 of you :)

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