Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Surgery +1 day

We got out of surgery around 12 noon yesterday.  Jack came through the anesthetic really well.  He was groggy and sleepy and wanting to be cuddled for the rest of the day but otherwise not in too much pain.  Mama was so relieved to have it over with that I had no problem with some extra cuddling and snoozing together.  This morning Jack was up at his usual time, not slowed down one bit.  He has been so good about keeping the eye patch on.

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He and Levi have been having their usual fun this morning.  As I write, I can hear them pounding out a song to Jesus on the piano.

We will leave in the next few minutes to go back to Sick Kids to see the Opthamologist for our post-operative check up.  Jack will lose his eye patch and check his pressures.  I am anxious to see if the implant is working.  Amazed as usual by Jacks hearty recovery from all of this.  Praising God for small mercies.  We will let you know what the doctor says today.  Thank you to Grandma who has been looking after everyone for the last couple of days including me and to Grandpa for lending her to us.  Thank you to all of you who were thinking and praying for us.   You helped God's grace sustain us.

Yesterday the surgical waiting room was emotionally charged.  We were waiting with 2  other families whose children were having cancer removed.   We cried for one another as each family released their little one to the hands of the surgeons.  Jack was led through the doors in a little plastic car.  As he went through he turned with a look of panic on his face as he burst into tears.  Rob and I were helpless to respond to his fears.  It was necessary to let him go.  As we turned we saw other families still holding their children with knowing tears in their eyes as they waited to do the same.  It was a small space, so it was not hard to understand and share in what each family was experiencing for a short time.  Three years old with cute pig-tails on either side of her head was having her eye taken out because it contained cancerous tumours.  Nurses and social work staff were working hard to take as much of the fear of the unknown out of the process.  They were blowing bubbles with oxygen masks and talking about waking up with not a new ear or a new nose but with a new eye.  With tears in her eyes her grandmother shared that they would rather lose the eye than have the cancer metastasize to her brain.  Eyes still wet from leaving Jack, I wept for their suffering.  How is it that we live in a world where innocent children must go through things like this with no fault of their own?

I am grateful that Jack will not be losing an eye.  His will see.  He will live and love for many more years to come.  Pray with me that this little girl will do the same.  I am grateful for grace and strength and hope that renews itself each time I go to Him.


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Join Us For Breakfast said...

Thanks for taking the time to update us. I'm glad he's doing so well.
Still praying,

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