Thursday, June 16, 2011

Surgery +2 days

We went to check in with the Opthamologist yesterday around 2 pm.  Traffic in Toronto was as harrowing as usual but we made it before they shut the clinic!  The doctors took off the eye guard and looked at what they had done in the glaucoma implant surgery.  They were happy with the stitches and look of it.  There is a lot of redness and swelling on the one side but his pressures once measuring close to 40 now read 4!  What a difference.  They tell me that pressures will slowly creep back up but hopefully stabilize in a healthy range (10-15).

IMG 2344IMG 2356

It actually is not too hard to look at (minus the bumps and bruises from playing, dirt and a runny nose).  And I would even say that his pupils look pretty close to the same size whereas before, the right pupil seemed always over dilated.  It certainly hasn't slowed him down.  He was up until 11pm last night and was excited to play with siblings this evening.

IMG 2345IMG 2349

He has been go-go-go.  This morning I finally figured out that some of his going might be agitation because he has pain.  It is hard for a little boy to tell you when it hurts and Jack rarely cries.  So I gave him tempra this morning and we both slept for an hour while brother and sister were at school.  The extra aggressiveness might also be from the anesthetic.  Anyone know?

The greatest amount of my relief comes from it just being over.  But, I also understand we were well covered with prayer and Jack seems to be recovering well.   Thank you Lord for healing.

We will go down again next week to monitor pressures and make sure the implant is still doing what it is supposed to.  Then, hopefully life will take on a slower, relaxing pace.  School is out next Tuesday.  I am looking forward to waking up Wednesday morning with my three chicks and saying...."now what do you want to do with this day?"   The least amount of programming the better!  Let's go to the beach, the park, camping, visiting friends, having fun together.




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Patti said...

Jack, you are SO cute, even after surgery! Lily sends kisses your way:)

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