Thursday, June 2, 2011

Waiting for the healing

What do you do when you are holding out for a miracle and it seems like there is still another step to the healing?  Just came back from an update with the Opthamologist for Jack's Glaucoma.  I knew going down that his pressures in the right eye are still not under control.  But they were at 38 psi when the normal range is 10-15 psi.  We have reached crisis point again and the doctor has booked surgery in 2 weeks.  When he was a baby you could tell his pressures were going up because his eye actually stretched and became bigger.  Now that he is older it is harder to see.  But since his laser surgery in February his right pupil has been dilated and slow to contract in the sunlight.  This has gotten better but I think the high pressures are keeping it from coming back to normal.  So, I knew what the answer was going to be today.  My head was ready but my heart rebelled.  It is just not what I want.  I don't want Jack to have to undergo another more invasive surgery.  If only it could be me and not him.   Didn't God make a promise? The final verdict is surgery booked for June 14th.  It will be a 3-4 hour procedure where they physically put in a plastic tube to drain the fluid from the eye when it is too inflated.  There are many risks of scarring, difficulty and ultimately failure and needing to do it all over again in 5 years.  There will be many more follow-up appointments and monitoring.  But what else can we do but walk through?

Here is the link to the Sick Kids Paediatric Glaucoma and Cataract Family Association where they explain the procedure and the possible risks.

IMG 2143

If hope is in the hoping and faith is in the coming,  Lord I come.

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Tracy said...

Hi Jen,

We will keep praying for your family and for Jack. Trust in the Lord..........prov 3:5-6. One of my go to verses when I am anxious.

If your photography class is in orillia, let me know . I may be interested in taking a course, too.


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