Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A whole lota flying and a whole lota rain...

This itsy bitsy spider pretty much flies to the top of the spout!   And rain...there is a whole lot of rain in Jack's version. But the sun is shining through his obvious love for brother and sister.

Jack is cruising along with recovery from surgery.  We go down tomorrow to have his pressures tested again as follow up to surgery but I have no bad feelings about this one.  He seems to be doing great still pretty agitated at times but overall doing well.

He has learned to sign Mommy and Daddy recently.  I have ordered some Signing Time DVDs so we will see if they are as wonderful as everyone declares them to be.  We have reached a plateau where we need to give Jack some more words. Signing is helping alleviate the frustration of not being able to articulate himself well.   But we are also working hard to encourage him to make word sounds.  Yesterday Levi and I were coaching him to say "Bu-Bu-Bubble" and he was happily participating.  It is all coming along well so long as Mom doesn't take things too seriously.  Too many therapy appointments tend to drag me down and keep the focus on what goals we are not yet reaching.  It is a delicate balance to keep it moving forward and still keep it fun for all, including Jack.

More to come about oral motor speech therapy and I will update about tomorrow's appointment.

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Anonymous said...

HI Jen,
Fabulous job!! Thanks for sharing your heart & family. You really are an inspiration just by being you :) Hope to see you soon. TTYL, Marianne

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